‘Windfall’ to states’ economies after primaries

Cash: It’s why Florida bumped up its race. It’s why super PACs are playing such an enormous role in this election cycle. And it’s why local economies love primary season. Money gets spread around a state when four, five or even six candidates hit the trail there, with a campaign staff and media following close … Continue reading

Not just another night at the bar

Reporter Stefanie Dazio watches the action unfold at a Ron Paul watch party as the Republican candidates take on the issues and each other in one of a series of primary election debates. To read more, please click here. 

George’s Apparel: ‘Fitting’ the Politics of N.H.

George’s Apparel, a men’s apparel store on a busy street in downtown Manchester, provides an optimal location for business owners and shoppers alike. With primary season in full swing, managers say the store is often frequented by politicians and reporters looking for a suit with just the right fit.

Candidates agree on ‘tie’ vote

Reporter Carol Ann Cummings documents how downtown Manchester men’s clothing store George’s Apparel benefits from primary season, from selling its suits to its unique New Hampshire tie. To read more, please click here.

Downtown Manchester Photo Essay

Photographer Emily Roseman explores how American University students spent their first few hours of primary season in downtown Manchester, N.H., in a photo essay. To see the photos, please click here.