Cashing in on the Candidates: 2012 GOP Election

Washington, D.C., April 12 – More than three months ago we stepped off the plane, ready to take on New Hampshire. Thirty-four graduate and undergraduate students – experts in politics, journalism and film – had an opportunity to see how campaigns operate in a battleground state. Together, we covered and analyzed rallies and debates, interviewed … Continue reading

A closer look at the NBC/Facebook debate

Photographer Emily Roseman covers the Jan. 8 NBC/Facebook Republican debate in Concord, N.H. To see the photos, please click here to watch it on Youtube or look below.

Local vendors profit from primaries

Videographer Amanda Muscavage explores the economic effect of primary season on small businesses in downtown Manchester, N.H. To see the video, please click here to watch it on Youtube or look below.

Primary season brings after-holiday boost to local businesses

MANCHESTER – Restaurant owners usually dread the month of January – the post-holiday season and cold weather means fewer people are venturing outside and spending money. But in Manchester during primary season, January means big business for local establishments. “Notoriously, January is a slower time for restaurants,” said Rebekah Chernoff, the Manchester franchise owner of … Continue reading

‘Windfall’ to states’ economies after primaries

Cash: It’s why Florida bumped up its race. It’s why super PACs are playing such an enormous role in this election cycle. And it’s why local economies love primary season. Money gets spread around a state when four, five or even six candidates hit the trail there, with a campaign staff and media following close … Continue reading